75m21 ignitor ohms chart

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Need to contact us? Norm Harvey Member Posts: Per carlin tech department The most difinitive test is to wire your multimeter in the power circute for the ignitor with it set for miliamps.

Hot Surface Ignitor Resistance Chart

Make sure the oil burner motor is disconected. Set the springs to a half inch gap and start the burner, then jump out FF. If at any time during a 5 minute duty the miliamps drops below the ignitor is bad. Im pretty sure its June What is desired reading For electronic ignitors, what is the desired ohm readings to see if they are still good or not? Also, do you measure from one pole to ground, then other pole to ground, then across both poles?

What are the parameters and acceptable variances? Any info would be appreciated. Regards, Rocky. Ubiquitous Member Posts: Ohms Most manufacturers will list a cold ohms resistance on their spec. It has been my experience to check amp draw instead to tell if an ignitor is good.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. For over forty years, the Ignitor has proven itself in applications ranging from race cars to tractors.

The Ignitor replaces breaker points and troublesome factory electronic ignitions with a dependable, self contained and maintenance free electronic ignition system. The Ignitor has been called the "stealth" ignition beacause of its quick installation and nearly undetectable presence under your distributor cap. There is no "black-box" to clutter the engine compartment.

For optimal performance, use the Ignitor with Flame-Thrower 40, volt coils. View as Grid List. Shop By. Features Delivers twice the voltage to the spark plugs, increading horsepower, fuel economy, and spark plug live.

Stable timing Will trigger most CD ignitions. Available for 6 and volt negative and positive ground systems. Legal in all 50 states and Canada. D Guaranteed for 30 months We Stand Behind It! Page: 1 2 3 4 5 Next. Add to Cart. Out of stock. My Cart. You have no items in your shopping cart. Refer to the individual Part Emissions Code in the part listing and application.Please enter the email address associated with your account and we will send you a link to reset your password.

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Call Text Chat.On a typical heating system with HSI, a call for heat thermostat contacts closed will send a V signal to the igniter module. When energized, the module will power up the igniter.

If the module is a prepurge model, it will delay 15 or 30 sec before the igniter is activated. On prepurge models, the module will energize the combustion blower or other relays at the beginning of the cycle.

Note: A or sec igniter can be used on a or sec application, but you could not use a or sec module with a or sec igniter. At the end of the igniter warm-up period, the gas valve main opens. The igniter will remain on for a specific amount of time seconds depending on the specific ignition module being used. When main burner ignition occurs, the flame is sensed by the igniter local sense or by a remote sensor remote sense. With the main burner flame established, the igniter is turned off 12 V is shut off to the igniter.

Note: The burner flame must be detected within the timed trial for ignition. If no flame is detected, the gas main valve is de-energized, shutting off the gas flow. The system may go into lockout or, if it has a retry model, it will retry the number of times allocated.

75m21 ignitor ohms chart

Problem: Hot Surface Igniter Does Not Glow Possible causes: No main power; Faulty transformer; Faulty thermostat; Faulty limit switch; Faulty blower interlock switch pressure switch, combustion blower proving switch ; Faulty hot surface igniter; or Faulty ignition control or integrated control.

Solution: Perform normal system checks of main power, secondary or transformer, etc.

Igniter Specs

With power on and the thermostat calling, check voltage at the 24 V or TH to 24 V ground at the module or integrated control. If 24 V does not check at the transformer, also check other controls in the circuit from transformer to module or integrated control.

If you have 24 V or V to the module or integrated control, and no or 24 V out of the module or integrated control, the module or control is faulty. Check the amp draw of the igniter; amperage should not exceed 4. Procedure: 1. Do a visual check of the igniter for signs of damage or cracks. The sleeving over the wire should be examined for chafing, burned portions, or cuts in the wire.

Look for hot spots on the igniter. Observe the igniter during heat up. If a bright, white line across one of the igniter legs is detected, a crack may exist that could cause premature failure. Allow the igniter to cool and perform a resistance test. Replace the igniter if you see these cracks. There are several possible causes for repeated igniter failures.

One of the causes could be high supply voltage. A hot surface igniter can burn out at approximately V. Even voltages in excess of V may reduce igniter life.

75m21 ignitor ohms chart

If high voltage is present, the power company should be requested to lower the power. Other causes for igniter failure include drywall dust, fiber glass insulation, sealants, or other contaminants that may accumulate on the igniter.Forums Forum list Search forums.

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Those involved in the HVAC industry are urged to register. Slow Site? JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter yellowjacket Start date Sep 24, Sent from my LS using Tapatalk. I recommend replacement if the resistance is higher than ohms. Could probably call Norton tech support and see what they sayApplies to Hot Spark 3-Series red ignition kits.

Using a coil with insufficient primary resistance can cause the ignition module to overheat and misfire until it cools down again, or fail prematurely, which will void the Hot-Spark ignition warranty.

If the voltage reading is more than Too much voltage can damage the ignition module and other electronic components. The ballast resistor is usually mounted on the firewall or directly on the coil. Charging system voltage of The black wire connects to negative - or 1 on Bosch coil. Remove the condenser and its wire from vehicle. All other wires are connected to the coil in their original places. This module is designed for 12V negative ground applications only. Make sure that the ignition wires have plenty of slack inside the distributor and are not rubbing on any moving parts.

If you need to extend the length of the ignition wires, use or gauge AWG wire. Crimp tightly or solder best and insulate all connections. Compatible Coils. Ideal for use with HotSpark ignition kits. The Bosch coils above should have a primary winding with 3. Bosch coils are made in a number of countries, with varying amounts of primary and secondary resistance.

Install a 1. Bosch 0 Bosch Red Coil, Brazil 1. Duralast Autozone C 1. Allow a few seconds for the reading to settle and write down the reading. Allow a few seconds for the reading to settle, until it stabilizes. Using a coil with too little primary resistance can cause the ignition module to overheat and misfire until it cools down again or fails, voiding the warranty. If, though, for example, with both Ohmmeter leads shorted together, the reading is 0.They are very fragile and will break very easily.

Grease or dirt can cause premature failure.

Hot Surface Ignitor Experiment - Ohms vs. Ambient Temperature

They are available with different ceramic bases but most of the silicon carbide elements are the same and one thing they all have in common is that they fail more than any other part of the furnace. With the same base and same plug as the original, they will fit easily and quickly into the furnace requiring no retrofitting.

Caution should be taken with any SC igniter not to bump the element or to touch it with your fingers. The grease from your fingers can cause premature failure. Some manufacturers suggest that you check the resistance with an Ohm meter after installation to ensure the element is good. They recommend a resistance of 50 to 90 Ohms for the flat style element SC igniters.

The newer Silicon Nitride igniters are much more durable and are much tougher to break.

Ohms and electronic ignitors

They are easy to recognize by their smooth non-porous surface. The SN igniters may cost more but they will outlast the SC igniters and are a great upsell. The benefit to your customer is a much more reliable igniter and less downtime as one universal SN igniter carried on your truck will replace hundreds of OEM igniters. Universal SN igniters may look different, but retrofitting is quick and easy as the universal SN igniters will come with multiple brackets to fit the original mount in the furnace.

OEM may not always be the best choice when it comes to igniters. Because of the durability of the SN igniters even in warranty igniters may be a place to upgrade to SN igniters. Always refer to igniter manufacturer's cross reference before retrofitting. The sensor conducts a very small current so a small amount of oxidation may prevent the current from passing causing annoying lock-outs.

Make sure the ceramic and rod are in good condition and clean the rod with very fine steel wool. Ship to: Pick up at:. Change customer.

75m21 ignitor ohms chart

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