383 tbi chip

I'm building a stroker and was wondering does anyone have thoughts on my process? I'm going to replace the crankshaft with a stroker crank off ebay sbc already correct sized journals.

Any thoughts? The engine budget is already spread thin as it is, so I'm trying to wrap up the costs. FYI I'm keeping all other parts mostly the same, maybe a throttle body spacer just for a little more air for the With 6" rods can I use stock pistons? Or what do you all suggest? Any link for me for pistons that'll fit right? Does anyone know the compression ratio for the with stock heads and flat top pistons or dish pistons?

I wanna keep it with 87 octane fuel. Forget about the Comp cams stuff. It's sub-par. Your duration at. E: That cam is not as small at the seat than it looks.

Project TBI part 1 the Black Pearl gets an upgrade HD

However it will not be bigger anywhere else, just at the seat. The opening and seating velocities of those cams are so excessive that they make for noisey valve trains and they beat up lifters. I have lost track of how many street engines I have pulled apart with beat up lifters in them along with one of the XE cams. It's never going to run with that cubic inch engine with 5. Think 6 inch rods, not 5.

Zero deck the block.! Especially with 5. Exhaust cam duration will make that fact even worse. First off all, mileage-vehicle condition-depth of wallet all contribute to what you should do. The 5. The good kits come with programed ECM's and all parts to bolt in.

Also, while you have the engine out, pull the trans and replace the sun shell with a forged unit and replace the torque converter with a stall converter. First step your right. Dump the TBI, it's crap. Swap out the heads to a set of vortec's, add a GMPP vortec intake, and throw on a carb. Maybe swap the cam out too, and you should be around HP or so. Edit: I disagree that TPI is bad for trucks.

Thats what you want in a truck. I dont know if you budgeted balance and blue printing the engine, but its worth it better rpm and talk to the shop doing the motor about a windage tray in the oil pan if they think its necessary. What head chamber size cc are you using.The early systems from are just too old to do much with.

However, these systems were primarily used in the pickup trucks and so they still work fine for low rpm truck applications. If your looking to run a motor over rpms then you really need a different type of injection and the cam choice needs to reflect that rpm max as well or your just asking for a nightmare.

383 tbi chip

Many still out there with TBI vehicles needing help getting more modern power levels and fuel mileage from older GM throttle body injected vehicles without going to the process of rewiring the vehicle to run a more modern fuel injection system. While TBI has a few crippling limitations it is still possible to pull a little over 1hp per cubic inch from these vehicles but requires a LOT of good planning and implementation to pull that kind of power level off and I am here to help provide that advice as well as support for the computer system to help you get there.

I have also added a paypal Donate button on the left as well. I have had many people ask about a donation to help pay for some of the knowledge i have placed on the website FREE of charge. No obligation at all but if you want to toss a little my way. Its appreciated. I am also going to test a Comments section out as well and see how that goes.This is a direct bolt in to pull out that tired or and bolt in some extra power to bring that old vehicle to life.

It is computer compatible and has a smooth idle, great low end and midrange power, and works well with either a manual or automatic transmission. The included Edelbrock Performer aluminum intake manifold is for TBI fuel injection only Chevy or larger injectors are required for this engine. This engine will run on leaded or unleaded pump fuel. It will pass emissions and you can even run your stock computer! All new guides, 1. This engine comes completely assembled with oil pan, chrome bowtie timing cover, harmonic balancer, chrome valve covers at no extra charge, and an Edelbrock aluminum TBI intake manifold.

This engine is custom built from start to finish in our state of the art facility by professionals that take pride in their work to guarantee that you get a top quality engine the first time!.


This engine is covered by a 12 month, 12, mile written warranty. AZ residents add 8. No core required! Shipping: Buyer to pay actual shipping costs. Just call Mon-Fri am - pm Sat. International shipping available, please contact us. Black Canyon Hwy.Automotive Forums.

383 tbi chip

I recently blew the motor in my chevy silverado, I brought it to a mech shop and I am having them through in a stroker crank. I have talked to a few mechanics and I have gotten different answers. Some of them say that I will need a chip to get the full benefits from my stroker.

Some say that I will be fine without. Just to make one thing clear, a stroker motor is not just a crank but a crank and connecting rods from a block.


Also be SURE to use a flex plate that is or has been balanced for the crank you are using or you could run into big problems. I know what is necessary to turn a into ajust need to know if a chip will increase performance and or gas milage. Most likely you will need a chip because it will need more fuel.

Also do not expect to be getting any kind of great gas mileage out of a preformance engine like a My brother had a in a cutlass once and he was getting approx hp out of it and there was times depending on the way he drove it, he was refueling it every second day or so.

It will depend on how heavy your right foot is. The way i see itif you are having a performance engine built what does gas mileage really matter. From what i have heard a GM Max Micro tuner from superchips is top of the line. However if you want the best performance and cost isnt that much a concern get a nelson tune for the best computer tuning available.Log in or Sign up.

TBI chips Mar 17, 1. Mar 17, 2. DeanHenslerMar 17, Mar 17, 3. It usually plays with the mixture of the fuel and stuff and makes ur truck idle a couple rpms higher.

Stick to mechanical upgrades instead of computer especially on the Tbi's trucks since the computers were very minimal. BigXBearMar 17, Mar 17, 4. My '91 has a JET chip in it.

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I'm not sure how much it helped because my cousin installed it when it was still his truck. It also has flat top pistons, a hotter cam, and headers, so I don't know how much the chip helped. Don't figure it hurts it though. Mar 17, 5. I have a hypertec chip. BudgreenMar 17, Mar 17, 6.

K5ChrisMar 17, Mar 18, 7. My 93 has a jet chip and I like it.If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly. If you are an international customer and would like to change the currency that prices are displayed in, you can do so here.

Image is a representation of this item. Actual item may vary. Change Currency. Loading Today Estimated International Date Check Fit. Manufacturer's Part Number: HP Part Type: Crate Engines. UPC: Actual Engine Displacement: 6. Engine Assembly Style: Long block. Assembled: Yes. Cam Style: Hydraulic roller tappet. Rear Main Seal Style: 1-piece. Intake Manifold Included: No.

383 tbi chip

Cylinder Heads Included: Yes. Carburetor Included: No. Throttle Body Included: No. Distributor Included: No. Oil Pan Included: Yes.In response to customer requests, we now have a new program with FiTech or Holley Sniper fuel injection!! We've been testing and converting the 2 barrel throttle body to the 4 barrel injection systems which are much more efficient and modern, and create a better torque band and horsepower, and fuel efficiency.

Easy installation and conversion for trucks and cars. Please look at the pictures to the right, and call us for pricing.

A "Crate Engine" means "Intake to Pan. Turnkey package includes custom chip, blueprinted throttle body, distributor, plugs, and spark plug wires. Additional cost for a turnkey package is varied, depending upon your vin code and your chip's alpha code.

See pricing below. Please note this Power Engine will work with just a custom chip. We do recommend the whole turnkey package however because of mileage and wear. Note: Does not include serpentine pulley system. This engine requires aluminum heads and the second generation vortec intake with an adapter for the throttle body modification. One of our new upgrades - please remember we are one of the few in the country that can dyno test TBI throttle body injection engines, and TPI tune port injection engines.

This engine is designed for Off Road, not street use. Please also note that some of these engines require the second generation Vortec heads to accomplish these spec numbers.

383 tbi chip

We can advise you if this upgrade is required for your needs. This means that you can have after-market iron or aluminum heads, the 8-bolt intake, and adapter at an additional cost.

We have designed a custom CNC adaptor that bolts on the TBI intake so we can bolt on a 4 barrel carburetor to do the initial break-in. This provision allows us to break in the cam, adjust the valves, re-torque the heads, and do a thorough inspection of the engine during the break-in process. Also realize that we use a fast fuel computer system to tune the engine with the computerized cam that is in the motor we have chosen for your application.

Please note that we have been GM, truck, car, Corvette, and throttle body injection and tune port injection specialists and innovators for these types of engines for many years. If you choose to do a Fast Track Start Up, we have special pricing right now on these engines! Special features on this crate engine include these new parts and more: Be sure to scroll down the page to see a more detailed listing.

NEW T. Second gen vortec intake manifolds have no provisions for emissions - it is not street legal. See below for more details! Has EGR hook up for emission, Recommend modified chip note: not legal in some states. Please call for details. Updated photos coming - we do not install chrome timing covers any longer. This means if a throttle body is chosen, it will be for radical for off-road application not desirable for the street.

Required modification: the intake manifold has to be counter-bored 50 to 52 mm intake bore size. For larger volume throttle bodies: a 50 to 52 mm intake Edelbrock must be bored for these large horsepower engines. Note: this is for radical engines only!

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